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HOW TO 3 easy stars

Puffy magazine star

1. Cut a 3/4″ wide strip from the magazine. Tie an overhand knot, keeping the side of the paper that you want to be shown on the inside of the knot. If you need instructions for tying an overhand knot, check out my tutorial.

2. Make the tail end as short as possible. Don’t tighten the knot, and don’t make any creases. The knot should look like a pentagon with a very short tail end and a long working end.

3. Wrap the working end around the pentagon, by folding the working end over and parallel to the adjacent side.

4. Repeat step 3 until the working end it too short to wrap.

5. Tuck the working end into the middle of the pentagon. If the working end is too short to stay put, apply glue to the underside of the working end before tucking.

6. Push the center of all five edges inwards with your fingertips to create the points of the star.

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