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Norma’s Christmas gift

Norma, a regular reader of Relevé Design, is one big reason why I rushed to get the videos for the macrame t-shirt throw done. She and her sister are best friends. Her sister is an amazing aunt to her three boys. Norma planned to make a throw out of her children’s old t-shirts as a Christmas present for her sister.

I drew a picture for her so that she could get started. Norma began working on the throw in the middle of December. It took me a while with the help of a couple people to make the throw for Nate Berkus, so I suggested she get help from friends or family. I even put up a tutorial on how to several people can work on one throw at once. She really wanted the gift to be from her, but she did mull over the possibility of asking her mom for help. In the end, she worked on it by herself. Norma was done on time, before Christmas Eve!

Here is her completed creation! Norma knotted two red stripes to create a nice contrast edge for a dark throw. She takes my original design a further by incorporating a multicolored square in the middle. The three blue stripes represent her three sons, each made from their shirts. It’s a striking focal point that works on a formal level, but more importantly holds great sentimental value and meaning. This is truly upcycling! Great job, Norma!

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This throw is so meaningful to me. It had me in tears. Happy tears! Im so blessed to have the sister I have and even more blessed to have my nephews in my life. Bao I want to take this time to thank you for all your help and your great idea for my gift. Its truly something that will never leave my side 🙂 its amazing. . . Its an awesome gift and truely touching story behind it …

Hi, Vanessa! I’m so glad you love Norma’s gift! She’s the one who deserves all the thanks! I know she worked hard on it! I just helped a teensy weensy bit. 😀

I loved it! Norma and Vanessa are my daughters, not just because they are my daughters but these girls are truly not only sisters but Best Friends. I was blessed with the special bond they have with each other. Norma told me she was gonna do this and I was so excited because I knew Vanessa would Love, Love, Love it and she did! Thank you for giving her the tools she needed to complete this throw for her sister it will always be treasured.

Hi, Mom! I know how much work it takes to make one. The reason and meaning behind her project is inspiring. I’m very glad I could help. I’m really proud of what she made, and I’m so happy you and Vanessa love the throw too!

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