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Design on a Dime: our picks

I love the annual Design on a Dime benefit. You’ll always find fun decorating ideas from top designers. Even more you can buy items at a steep discount, and it goes to charity!

I invited two friends to walk the show with me. We had a lot of fun visiting each designer’s vignette and picking our favorite pieces.

Our individual tastes vary a bit, but we did find a couple things that wowed all three of us. Have a look through our collections. Which pieces would you pick?

Patricia’s Picks

Patricia is in the middle of giving her home an airy beachside makeover.

Jasmin’s Picks

Jasmin is gearing up to launch “Sparkle Affair”, a Swarovski crystal bedazzling company for brides to be! She’s totally engrossed in gloss, glam, bling and sparkle.

Bao’s Picks

I’m eclectic and love quirky, striking designer pieces, but I have a soft spot for upcycled and old things.

6 replies on “Design on a Dime: our picks”

Hi Peg. I zoomed in on the tag, and it only said “ivory coffee table”. I’ll keep searching to see if I can track it down. If I can’t find it, I’ll put up a list of similar looking tables for you.

I thought it was funny how you guys just started chatting on the rocking chairs like you were all relaxing on the front porch. 😀

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