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Hawaii crafts and inspiration

I just got back from the great state of Hawaii! My boyfriend grew up in Oahu, so we visit his family once or twice a year. We spent about a week and half enjoying family time, food, warm weather, and lots of crafts and inspiration. I had a great time, and I’m excited to share more of it with you in upcoming posts.

Hawaii’s fusion food and HOW TO make Spam musubi
If you like fusion cuisine, you’ll find it in abundance in Hawaii. With a mix of Portuguese, Japanese, native Hawaiian, and other cultures, there’s something delicious for everyone. I’ll show you my vacation eats and share one of my favorite (and easy to make) Hawaiian treats.

Soulfully salvaged jewelry
I visited the monthly Art and Flee in Honolulu. There were lots of t-shirts and seashell jewelry, but one new company stood out from the crowd with upcycled airport runway finds. I’ll introduce you to the artistic couple behind this high flying jewelry line and give you a peek at some of their favorite pieces.

Knitting on the isle with Sue
I wrapped up the my furniture collaboration with Krrb‘s Vanessa Londono earlier last month. It wouldn’t have been possible without one very important, creative, and courageous woman who taught me an essential technique. I caught up with her at her cozy shop. I’ll let you in on our little chat, reveal the technique she taught me, and show you how to use it in your own projects.

Gift Wrap
I came back with a few gifts for friends and family. Sometimes gifts don’t come boxes that are easy to wrap. I’ll show you a few more techniques to wrap those awkwardly shaped gifts.

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