Quarterly Craft Kit: Cross-stitch Bowl

Say “hello” to the cross-stitch bowl, the second installment of the Quarterly Craft Kit. The plastic bowl comes perforated, so you can cross-stitch a pattern into it with plarn (plastic yarn). The kit ships Friday, January 31

I design my luxe projects using the stuff we throw out everyday. Over the past year, I’ve heard many of you say you don’t have the materials to finish projects.

I launched the Quarterly Craft Kit, because I want everyone to enjoy the creative process. Each kit contains all the materials and instructions to handcraft your own upcycled home accessories. Kits include favorites from the Relevé Design repertoire and new, exclusive projects designed just for the Quarterly Craft Kit.

In addition to the convenience of having all your materials collected, the projects are a little more elaborate, but don’t worry. The difficult parts will be done for you. Just open the box and get straight to the fun part.

There are four Quarterly Craft Kits planned in the first series. A new kit will be available for purchase every three months. Kits will be released and shipped October 2012, January 2013, April 2013, and July 2013.

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