Introducing Quarterly Craft Kits

I try to design my luxe projects using the materials we throw away most often. Over the past year, however, I’ve heard many of you say you don’t have certain materials or enough materials to finish projects. I launched the Quarterly Craft Kit, because I want everyone to enjoy the creative process.

Each kit contained all the materials and instructions you’d need to handcraft your own upcycled home accessories. Kits included popular projects from the RelevĂ© Design repertoire. I also designed new exclusive projects for subscribers.

In addition to the convenience of having all your materials collected, I made the projects a little more elaborate. The difficult parts were be done for you. You just had to open the box and get straight to the fun part.

There were four Quarterly Craft Kits in the first series. A new kit was available for purchase every three months. The kits were released and shipped:

October 2012 – Six-pack Pendant Light;
January 2013 – Cross-stitch Bowl;
April 2013 – Cabinet Knob Jar;
July 2013 – Seashell Shadowbox.

The first series of Quarterly Craft Kits has come to an end.

Thanks for your interest.

But there’s exciting news coming, so stay tuned!

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