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HOW TO reduce cable eyesores and wasted packaging at the same time

I’ve haven’t been able download email or pictures for the past two days! I figured out that my external hard drive was full. All the video tutorials I’ve made and pictures I’ve taken have filled it up already! I went to an electronics store and upgraded to a fancy shmancy new one.

This resulted in an eyesore of wires and power cables. I couldn’t live with that! Using the box the hard drive came in, I whipped up an upcycled solution to hide the wires and power cables. That said, I do NOT recommend hiding any adapters in the box as they can get hot, but if you must, then punch some air holes on the top and sides to allow heat to escape. Use the air holes as another design element and create cool patterns!

I’ll show you the basics of covering a box, a quick and dirty way to restyle a box, and let you in on some of my secret design techniques.

All you need is a pair of scissors, X-acto knife, ruler, Tempaper (contact paper or normal paper), and glue.

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Love anything to be recycled. I am in technology and have like 30 iPad boxes, will wrap or spray paint for recycling at Christmas time! Love your ideas. thanks.

Very clever redo for the cables. And I like the idea of the inside-out box when you need to keep original boxes. I’ve used inside-out boxes for gifting before (and even rightside-out when the box printing was cool). I hope the 1 terra drive helps you – media takes a lot of space!

Hi Karen. If only boxes and containers were all designed too look good in our homes and not just store shelves. Oh well, it gives us an opportunity to be creative! I like reusing boxes for gifts too. Oh gosh! If it took me a few months to fill up a 160 gigs, I’m sure 1 terra should last me a while. Or I hope so!

This is awesome. Helps you keep the box, too…(If you are that person who KEEPS ALLLL their boxes!) Covering the box to look like a book would look great in some settings! p.s. Thanks for your blog and pinterest logs. Love your eye!

Hi Sandee! Thanks! I am the type of person who feels guilty for throwing away boxes, especially if the item was really, really expensive! Covering a box to make it look like a book is an excellent idea! That could be really fun! It would also help to blend in if you want to put it on a bookshelf. If we weigh down the box, it could even be used as a bookend…hmmm. I might have to try it and post it! Well, thank you so so much for following my blog and pinterest! And…THANK YOU for taking the time to write! I truly appreciate it!

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