When Pinterest is down check out Svpply

I’m addicted to Pinterest! As with any other new big web destination it can have a few (or a lot – Remember all the Twitter fail whales!) of hiccups now and again, especially in the beginning. For those times when Pinterest is down you can head over to where there is more “pinning” fun to be had.

As far as my experience goes, Svpply has been rock solid. No dropped pins. No mysterious follower number jumps. The format is different, cleaner, and I have to say the pinning is easier. There’s no need to write descriptions.

Svpply has sets which are just like Pinterest boards. My sets on Svupply are similar to my boards on Pinterest but more streamlined. Sometimes I’ll pin something on Pinterest and then add it to my Svpply as well.

I think of my Pinterest as huge cork board in my hallway that I walk by numerous times a day, where everything interesting gets pinned up. I think of my Svpply as a mood board I see when I work in my studio, and it functions like a repository.

It skews towards shopping and products you can buy, perfect for all you shopaholics. It’s a great way to “shop” without actually shopping. That’s how I get my shopping fix on the cheap! The crowd tends to be very design and fashion minded. Since the crowd differs, you’ll find lots of cool inspiration you may not find on Pinterest as often.

If you like my Pinterest, check out my Svpply. It’s where you’ll find the stuff that I truly love, find inspiring as a designer, and wish I could have!

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I saw you on the Nate Berkus show the other day and was inspired by your ideas. I can’t wait to try the jars and the pillow. I will make a pillow from a shirt of my dads. He passed away a few years ago. I think it would be a perfect way to remember him and have forever.
Kerri Walter

Hi Kerri. Thanks for watching. I’m glad you like my ideas. I haven’t put up the jar tutorial yet. I only have written instructions which are on Nate?s website at the moment. BUT! Leigh of ?frankly living? made a tutorial of my project that I have to admit is pretty good. Between those two sites you should be able to do the project. I?ll have my own video tutorial for it soon! I’m so sorry to hear about your father. Don?t hesitate to send me a note or write another comment if you have any questions at all about the projects.

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