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Our day at The Nate Berkus Show Part I

6 replies on “Our day at The Nate Berkus Show Part I”

I loved all your ideas. Of coarse I am waiting anxiously for the Origami tutorial to post. but would also like to know how you made the tray. It is the one you said you had made from cardboard and fused plastic.



I’ll be posting step by step video tutorials and photos in my blog. The six-pack pendant light video tutorial is already up.

I’ve had specific requests to fast-track for the origami accessories and t-shirt throw. If there are any projects in particular YOU would like to see first, just holler! Send me a note or comment.

Thanks for watching, Erica!

Hi! Just saw the Nate Show today, and much as I like Nate, Bao was the most exciting part of the show today! Love ALL of the projects, and glad I found your blog. Your blog will be a daily must read.

I love Nate too!
GOSH, Jeanette! Thanks! I’m SO GLAD you like the projects!

I’ll be posting more pictures, step by step instructions, tips and videos for all the projects I shared on the show including ones we didn’t have time to get to.
I’m always open to feedback to please keep commenting!

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