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The Nate Berkus Show airs my segment again!

If you didn’t catch me on The Nate Berkus Show last month, or you want a refresher on the projects I’ll be posting on the site, here’s your chance! My episode is airing again on Monday, Janury 16 (check your local listing for exact time).

I’ll show you a bunch of my decor inspired by high art and design, while Nate chimes in with more background on the items and sage advice on how to use them. No rare barn wood scavenging, noxious spray painting, or craft supply and dollar store shopping sprees necessary. Main materials are items we regularly throw away. You can make everything at home and accessorize your living room for around $20 dollars!

I’m making detailed video tutorials for all the projects and more. Vote for projects you want to see next.

*hint – I’m in the very last segment. 😀

2 replies on “The Nate Berkus Show airs my segment again!”

I’m so glad you like the projects, Donna! I was able to accessorize the entire room for about $20, because I used stuff that is usually thrown away. There’s usually no need to spend money at craft or dollar stores when there is an abundance of supplies you already paid for and are already in your home!

Here’s a tip. If you find yourself throwing something away regularly, start collecting it. It’s an opportunity to make something very cool. Thanks for watching and for writing me! I am truly grateful to you for allowing me to share!

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