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Leap into furniture

Krrb approached me for a collaboration earlier this month. They were looking for a wintery, leap year themed project.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know my projects are in the realm of decorative accessories. They are smaller in scale and can be done on a kitchen table. I came up with a couple options. In the end, Krrb and I decided to go a little bigger. We’re taking a leap into furniture!

I met with Andrew (Krrb editor in chief), Vanessa (Krrb writer), and Flossy (the office mascot) at the Krrb office to hammer out a few project details. Vanessa, graciously donated a piano bench and her deft hands for the weekend. The project should come out on their site soon, but here’s a sneak peak with even more pictures and a wonderful write up by Vanessa.

Make sure to check the rest of the Krrb website. It’s kinda like Craigslist but more neighborly, more crafty, and WHOLE LOT PRETTIER. They’ve got how to’s, a blog, meetups, and cool listings.

2 replies on “Leap into furniture”

This is really beautiful, however I’m afraid it’s not for us with feline room mates. I think I may try it to recycle corrugated cardboard boxes into “high end” storage boxes for my closet. I may not get to the project for a few months, but I will send photos of the end results when finished.

We actually discussed this while we were wrapping. It’s definitely a delicate treatment that would be too much fun for cats get their claws into. OOOO…wrapping storage boxes sounds lovely. What a great idea, Suzi!

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