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HOW TO tie ribbon like a pro

My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up, and I needed to get him some gifts quick! I was dreading the possibility of a fruitless hunt through the crowded streets of SOHO. At the advice of a my friend Makky, I decide to call on the wonderful staff at Barneys New York for help. I was set up for a retail blitz with Glen. After I arrived, it only took about an hour for us to curate a personalized birthday collection from the store’s impeccable offerings.

As I was checking out, Glen asked if I’d want the gifts wrapped. Even though I like wrapping gifts myself, I said, “Yes, please.” I was curious to see how he would it. For many years, he’s been using an ingenious technique to give his ribbon tied gifts a sophisticated flair. Glen’s hands moved at lighting speed, apparently from years of experience with busy Christmas holidays.

I love the off-center position of the bow. The bottom of the gift is also completely flat as any knotting is on top, hidden underneath the bow.

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