Craft Chat with Bao

Craft Chat has come and gone, but you can always leave a comment or send me a note.
Thanks for chatting with me y’all!

I’m holding a live online chat right here on this webpage.

If you just saw me on The Nate Berkus Show; tell me what you thought of the segment; ask questions about the projects on the show; or just say ‘hello’!

If you’re a Relevé Design regular; come ask questions about the projects; update me on what you’re doing; tell me what you think we should tackle next; or you can drop in just to say hello too!

I’m excited to meet y’all to talk about art, design, crafting, and upcycling. The link to the chat room will go live on this page on Monday! I hope to see y’all then!

Craft Chat with Bao, Monday, January 16, 2012, 3:00-4:00 PM (EST)

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hiya i have been asked to do a stall at a fund raising event but how will i go about it has im not a business i do it in my own time and i sell my items for te same amount has they cost to make

i love that you are making thing from what people would think is junk
i live in the detroit metro area and watch the create channel you would be great if you had your own show teaching your art, crafts, and origami leasons
you have so much to offer you need your own show

Hi Wendy! I’m glad you like the projects! Well, hello! I’m from Michigan too! I would love a show if you got any extra’s sitting around you want to lend to me. 😀

Thanks for writing! And thank you so much for your support!

Saw you on the Nate show today!!! Was quite impressed with your “upcycling”. Amazing ideas to say the least. Just awesome!! Do you offer any video instructions?

Gosh, Thanks Elaine! I’m really trying to make upcycling chic, stylish, and luxe. In my world, “craft” doesn’t mean “crafty” but actually means high attention to detail. Couple “craft” with upcycling and you get art, and even more it’s accessible to everyone.

I’m glad you like my ideas. I keep sharing them if you keep reading. Thanks again, Elaine! XO

LOVED you on Nate’s Show!! I look forward to making some of your projects. Oh! Couldn’t find you on Nate’s website.Glad – I was able to find you.

I have a work meeting during this time and won’t be able to attend (booooo), but wanted to say thank you for sharing the wonderful project how-tos! I love the six-pack ring pendant light and once I have enough rings, I’ll be making one. Thank you for all the inspiration and for caring about the planet!

Ercy! Hi!!! I’ve been following your Pinterest! Thanks for writing. 🙂
I may do the Craft Chat again, depending on how it goes this afternoon. If I do get another one organized, what time would work for you?
Really, THANK YOU for all YOUR support – pinning, repinning, reading, commenting – I wouldn’t be able to do what I do, if not for your vote of confidence.
As I mentioned in the comments on the tutorial page for the six-pack pendant lights, you don’t have to have 60. It’s just a suggested number. You can make one with less, but it just won’t be as dense. The good thing is that, since there’s no gluing involved, you can always undo the plastic frame and add more rings as you get them.

Hi Bao! I work in the ever-changing world of online advertising by day, so my calendar is very hit-or-miss each day, but most days, I have time during lunchtime / early afternoon.

Thx for the reminder about the six-packs rings! Love all the projects – so very eco-chic-modern!

(I’ll have to check out SVPPLY soon)

OH…no kidding!! I know a little bit about that whole advertising world (creative side). I had a short stint at Rodale, and I design for a very niche software company that you (being in advertising) might be familiar with. I was actually at work today as well. 😀

I’ll was thinking about putting up a little chat window. on the site so people can reach me when I’m online too, which is a lot!

In any case, there’s always the contact form. I read and reply to each and every one!

Oh, do visit Svpply!

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