Upcoming HOW TOs

I'm always working on new projects. Here is the tentative schedule of projects I'll be sharing with you! If you want me to get to a project sooner, vote for it on this page. The tentative schedule automatically rearranges depending on the number of votes.

If there's a project that's not on the list you'd like to see me do, send me a note! Subscribe to the Relevé Design blog, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss any projects.

Fused Plastic, Picture hanging with wire pant hangers, and Giant origami are next. Thanks to everyone for voting for those projects!

Tentative schedule of projects. Thanks to everyone who voted!
  • 143 votes - Pleated junkmail & magazine vase
  • 103 votes - Ocean plait t-shirt bath mat
  • 83 votes - Dress shirt pillow shams with polka dots
  • 70 votes - Layered Cardboard tray
  • 60 votes - Rolled paper vase and bowl
  • 54 votes - Rustic wire hanger tray
  • 15 votes - Security envelope stationary
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